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  • Summer sores and Habronema
    Summer Sores and Habronema Cutaneous Habronemiasis, also more commonly referred to as Summer Sores, is a seasonal skin disease in horses caused by the larvae of the stomach worm Habronema. Summer Read more
  • Microchipping Your Pet
    Because pets cannot speak they cannot tells us who they belong to when they are lost.  Microchipping and registration is the only permanent method of identifying your pet.  Microchipping works.....but Read more
  • Holiday Pet Hazards
    Things to watch out for during Holiday Read more
  • Camel dentistry and maxillofacial surgery!
    This camel had a hole in her cheek from a draining tract on the face. The teeth grow continuously like horses and need to be filed down every 1-2 years Read more
  • Nexgard versus Ticks!
    A client shared their experience with us and we thought you would appreciate feedback on Nexgard. "I took my dog horseback riding yesterday afternoon in the grass and brush and this Read more
  • Dogs in the Back of a Truck
    Carrying Dog in TruckDon’t let this happen to your dog.  Did you know that transporting your dog loose in the back of a pickup truck is illegal?  Middletown Animal Hospital recently saw Read more
  • Dr. Jeff Smith.....Movie Star For A Day
    This week, Dr. Jeff Smith drove to Nicasio, CA for a film/photo shoot for KindridBio.  They wanted "real live" veterinarians who know what they are doing instead of actors.  After getting Read more
  • Lessons Learned During Valley Fire
    The Valley Fire swept through 70,000 acres and 3 populated communities north of the Napa Valley in less than 48 hours beginning on September 12. Over 1400 homes were lost along with another Read more
  • Donkey treated by Dr. Shackelton
    Dr. Shackelton was called to an emergency at night where a donkey was attacked by dogs.  What a horrific site!!  Katie is a 13 year old miniature donkey that was attacked Read more
  • Why Consider Gastropexy?
    Dr. Holtz recently performed a prophylactic gastropexy at Middletown Animal Hospital in her own dog, Woodford.  Large and giant breed dogs with deep chests such as Dobermans, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Read more
  • The ABC's of Dog Vaccines
    Proper and regular vaccination of our canine companions is very important to help lower their risk to serious infectious diseases.  There are many vaccines available and different protocols among veterinary Read more
  • Foxtail Time
    FoxtailsMiddletown Animal Hospital has treated a large number of pets with foxtails and it's only the end of May.  If you live in Lake County, you are probably already familiar with Read more
  • Advanced Veterinary Surgery
    Advanced Veterinary Surgeryfor Your Pet From Middletown Animal HospitalOur highly skilled veterinary team is experienced in the most common veterinary surgical procedures. We perform spays and neuters, tumor removal, abdominal Read more
  • Only At Middletown Animal Hospital
    We are the only animal hospital in Lake County, CA to offer ALL of these benefits:  laser surgery, laser therapy, climate controlled boarding, separate cat reception, examination, and boarding areas, dental x-ray and Read more
  • $25 OFF for New Equine Clients
    Read more
  • Anaplasmosis-The Tick-Borne Disease Flying Under the Radar
    Anaplasmosis – The Tick-Borne Disease Flying Under the RadarAnaplasmosis is a tick-borne disease seen in both dogs and cats, but more commonly dogs.  It is caused by the bacteria, Anaplasmosis Read more

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