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  • Summer sores and Habronema
    Summer Sores and Habronema Cutaneous Habronemiasis, also more commonly referred to as Summer Sores, is a seasonal skin disease in horses caused by the larvae of the stomach worm Habronema. Summer Read more
  • Microchipping Your Pet
    Because pets cannot speak they cannot tells us who they belong to when they are lost.  Microchipping and registration is the only permanent method of identifying your pet.  Microchipping works.....but Read more
  • Holiday Pet Hazards
    Things to watch out for during Holiday Read more
  • Camel dentistry and maxillofacial surgery!
    This camel had a hole in her cheek from a draining tract on the face. The teeth grow continuously like horses and need to be filed down every 1-2 years Read more
  • Nexgard versus Ticks!
    A client shared their experience with us and we thought you would appreciate feedback on Nexgard. "I took my dog horseback riding yesterday afternoon in the grass and brush and this Read more
  • Dogs in the Back of a Truck
    Carrying Dog in TruckDon’t let this happen to your dog.  Did you know that transporting your dog loose in the back of a pickup truck is illegal?  Middletown Animal Hospital recently saw Read more
  • Dr. Jeff Smith.....Movie Star For A Day
    This week, Dr. Jeff Smith drove to Nicasio, CA for a film/photo shoot for KindridBio.  They wanted "real live" veterinarians who know what they are doing instead of actors.  After getting Read more
  • Grey male Cat for Adoption!.... He Has Been Adopted!!!
    Middletown Animal Hospital rescued a nice young cat from euthanasia and needs your help with adoption!!Young grey medium haired male with white on chest.  He came to us un-neutered with Read more
  • Lake Co. Horse Council Stay Safe
    For more information got to: Read more
  • Parvovirus.....Don't Wait
    Parvovirus:  Big Impact, Severe Consequences, Easily Prevented At Middletown Animal Hospital we have seen 2 puppies die within the last 2 days because people wait too long to get them treated.  Don't Read more
  • Firework Fears in Pets
    Middletown Animal Hospital is prepared for Fourth of July Fireworks and expect clients to call for help before the weekend.  Many pets are fearful of loud noises, such as thunder and fireworks. Read more
  • Middletown Animal Hospital Rescues Dog from Euthanasia
    When Middletown Animal Hospital examined a dog today for Animal Control we decided to step in and take over providing care to a dog in need to avoid unnecessary euthanasia. Read more
  • Fly Predators Zap Flies
    When the warm weather begins in the spring pesky flies hatch and are a nuisance for people, horses, and dogs.  The best way to control flies is to eliminate them Read more
  • Milo the Orphandog Rescue
    Milo is a sweet little puppy who sustained a hairline fracture to both his radius and ulna. He is in a splint with frequent changes for the next 6-8 weeks Read more
  • Laser Therapy Heals
    Middletown Animal Hospital is excited to offer our clients Companion Laser Therapy. Laser therapy provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment that is used to treat a variety of conditions Read more
  • Secondhand Smoke & Our Pets
    Is Secondhand Smoke Harming Our Pets? The adverse effects of secondhand smoke in people has been documented and researched for years. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), ear infections, Read more

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