Stance Analyzer

Stance Analyzer

Middletown Animal Hospital is proud to add the Stance Analyzer to our Pet Rehabilitation Program.  The Stance Analyzer is a revolutionary system that objectively detects and quantifies the percentage of weight a dog or cat places on each limb, giving the veterinarian valuable information for targeting treatment options.  It is also a valuable tool in monitoring improvement and validating the physical rehabilitation treatments over time. 

Utilizing the Stance Analyzer can visibly show you how your pet is progressing through his or her clinical and rehab visits when surgery has been completed.  The data collected will keep track of how your pet is shifting weight from the surgical area to other limbs and give you insight into how well he or she is healing.

The Stance Analyzer will help evaluate injuries, degenerative changes and a prescribed treatment over a period of time.  Subtle changes can be seen as a pet is standing on the device that can alert the veterinarian as to a potential issue or disease process needing to be treated.

The Stance Analyzer can be used as a scale to determine your pet’s body weight.  The data can be saved and printed off allowing you to keep track of your pet’s weight loss.

Allowing your pet’s stance to be analyzed can help you potentially see if your pet is experiencing any lameness from intense exercise.  The data collected will give you information on what limb, or limbs, has an issue so you can be proactive in preventing injuries.

The Stance Analyzer is a great instrument for showing you which limb is affecting your pet.  By narrowing down where the problem exists, you can focus your money and energy on the appropriate area for other diagnostics (if needed) and therapeutic interventions for the maximum outcome.



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