Underwater Trid

Underwater Treadmill

Dr. Jeff Smith was certified as a Rehabilitation Practitioner in 2014.  We have expanded our facility to offer services for:

  • Chronic Pain Cases
  • Cranial Cruciate Disease
  • Geriatric Dogs/Cats
  • Musculoskeletal Problems
  • Weight Loss Conditioning
  • Osteoarthritis/Arthritis
  • Sporting Breed Conditioning
  • Disc Disease/Bad Backs

Middletown Animal Hospital is proud to offer Underwater Treadmill as part of our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services.  We are the only veterinary clinic in Lake, Mendocino, Napa & Sonoma Counties to do so.  An underwater treadmill has many uses in an exercise therapy program.  There are numerous benefits to exercise in an underwater treadmill vs. “dry land”.  Foremost among these is the reduced impact on painful limbs or joints and the increased resistance underwater which allows the patient more time to react to changes in speed or footing and builds confidence.  It is not unusual for patients immobilized by neurologic disease, arthritis or obesity to simulate walking movements underwater.  Movement is key to recovery and weight loss and gives patients a tremendous confidence boost.  This kind of exercise is also extremely effective at building core body strength and improving cardiovascular fitness. 

  • lmprove range  of motion and mobility
  • Minimize  weight on arthritic joints or during post-op recovery
  • Enhance  cardiovascular function and performance
  • Accelerate return  to function after injury
  • Provide  stability and confidence while exercising
  • Intensify conditioning or boost weight loss
  • Provide additional options for pain management & non-surgical issues
  • Create fitness and weight-loss programs for patients
  • Offer a unique service not offered anywhere else in the area

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