Large Animal Ultrasound

We're excited to announce that we have upgraded our equine ultrasound!  An ultrasound is a safe way to image internal structures such as tendons, ligaments, heart, lungs and intestines.  It uses transmission of sound waves to create a picture on the screen, allowing us to get a real time look at what is happening inside the horse.  Most horses will tolerate being ultrasounded either fully awake or under light sedation-making it appropriate for horses that need to take a trailer ride home.  One of the most exciting uses of ultrasound is to evaluate the soft tissue structures of the leg when working up a lameness, helping us formulate a treatment plan that targets the correct structures. It can also be used to evaluate the extent of cuts/wounds, and to gather information about intestines and internal organs during a colic exam or other types of disease. Middletown Animal Hospital offers Large Animal Ultrasound as part of our services either at our hospital or on a Ranch Call out in the truck.  Are dedication to Large Animals clearly shows by investing in this specialty equipment.  We are the only clinic in the county to offer this service. 


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