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At Middletown Animal Hospital our goal is to provide one-stop shopping for all of your pet care needs:  Medical, surgical, and dental services; quality pet food and nutrition advise; and doctor recommended pet supplies. 

Premium Pet Food; Prescription Diets; Quality Treats; Toys; Shampoos; Grooming Aids; Hay ; Shavings; Fly Control; Topical Medicines; Supplements; Equine Wormers; Novelties & Name Tags; Collars & Leashes.


Hills Prescription Diet, Royal Canin, Science Diet dog foods.

Veterinary Prescription Diet 

Healthy treats, Pill Pockets, toys, Guaranteed Lupine leashes/collars.


Hills Prescription Diet, Royal Canin, Science Diet cat foods.

Hills Prescription Diet

Our resident Cockatoos: Chipper and Polly




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