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Our Philosophy of Care.....Includes Pet Pain Management

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At Middletown Animal Hospital, our approach to pain management for our patients is rooted in our philosophy for compassionate care. We not only understand how difficult it is to watch a beloved pet suffer, but also we make it our priority to minimize or eliminate pain and discomfort in all of our patients. Pets don't always show their pain as people do.  Often they suffer in silence.  We will teach you how to recognize the signs of discomfort in your pet and help you choose the best treatment modalities to minimize pain.

Our Pain Management Program

Some of the key points of our pain management program are:

  • Pain management is vital to your pet’s recovery from an injury. Multiple research studies have shown, both in humans as well as pets, the positive effects of reducing pain helps the overall healing process. We adhere to these principles at MAH.
  • Each patient receives an individualized pain treatment plan that is specifically tailored to his or her health status. Advanced protocols have been developed by our team of veterinarians in consultation with leading experts in veterinary anesthesiology and analgesia.
  • We utilize a balanced, multi-modal pain management technique, a strategy that uses the synergistic effects of several pain medications together to achieve better control of pain. This significantly lowers side effects and results in better management and reduction of pain in your pet.
  • A majority of drugs used by our veterinarians are the same medications used and trusted by human anesthesiologists.
  • We use advanced pain techniques, including continuous rate infusions, local anesthetics, and epidurals that deliver pain medication directly to the site of discomfort.
  • Class IV therapy laser provides pain relief in addition to the above treatment modalities.  In some cases when laser therapy is used in conjunction with NSAIDS, the dose of medicine can be lowered. 
  • Shock Wave Therapy provides healing and pain relief to areas pinpointed by x-rays.  Must be administered while under sedation. 
  • Game Ready automated icing and compression machine (cryotherapy) is used after surgery, on wounds, and in physical therapy.

At Middletown Animal Hospital, we consider pain reduction a high priority during surgical procedures and provide pain management before, during, and after surgery.


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