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Laura Ledson Testimonial

Peggy Gough Testimonial

Dear Middletown Animal Hospital, Doctors, techs and administrative staff,

Gary and wish to thank you for the kindness you have showed us and our two kitties which are now cats. Losing our older cat in the Valley Fire was the worst of the loss in Cobb. We have rebuilt the house, now our Home creating another cozy environment for new kitty. Thanks to you we have a second kitty places by your loving efforts from the Lakeport fire. Having owned tiger cats since 1971, both Anna and Della now continue to be the dearest to our hearts. Your personal in such a friendly and warm way has healed the hole of owning a pet. your entire staff cares deeply.

The professional care of your hospital is beyond compare a real team. We think the thoroughness giving complete quality is the most impressive, especially during Della's surgery. All make sure the communication is so we understand, and all questions are answered.

We could not be happier. The community hopes that your business is here forever. More facilities such as this one should be in all towns. Again we thank you deeply love, Laura Lynn Ledson and Gary Ledson

Dear Middletown Animal Hospital,

No words will ever describe how thankful I am for your miraculous life saving emergency surgery you performed on my dog, Buddy. I still tear up when I think about the night I almost lost him. Boy was I a wreck. It is no fun being on the other side as the patient’s family….instead of the patient’s nurse. I really thought that when I kissed him good bye as he laid on the table before surgery that it would be my last. Those tears now however quickly turn into tears of joy because you saved his life. 

Buddy has loved all the extra attention and sympathy he has been getting during his recovery. He finally seems to feel like himself again. I share this story with my friends, family, and co-workers about how even after a long days work your team quickly took action. You all were so attentive, professional, and comforting. I am beyond appreciative. Lake County is lucky to have such an exceptional animal hospital-which I speak very highly of. 

So Very Grateful,

Claudine Schorfheide
ER Nurse

I cannot express my thanks enough to tell you how great everyone helped out with my Trooper.

Dr. Dana Shackelton exceeded my expectations! My little dog got the best!
I would like Dr. Shackelton to be my vet of choice for my dogs here in California! I have great vets in Portland, Oregon ... I am going to pass on to Pearl Animal Hospital how well you handled this very difficult time for me!
Again my thanks ...
Linda Ericson

Dear Dr. Smith,
   It's me Grey Boy's mom and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the excellent care that Grey Boy got while at your hospital. I just LOVE Dr Holtz!! she is so wonderful and attentive to my baby. She called me to keep me informed on G.B. and quelled my anxiety. She even sat & petted G.B. so he would eat! The receptionists are so good at remembering every ones name, they are such an asset to your practice!
   Thank you for having the best staff in the world.
Alison C.


I came to discover this amazing staff and pet loving establishment in 2003. I brought my best friend and loveable dog CHEWY in to be seen and vaccinated. Our dog was a great judge of character. He would refuse to move if he felt unsure or uncomfortable around anyone in my home or if I took him to a place, where he felt unsafe. Our first encounter there was so pleasant that my CHEWY did not want to leave. He fell in love with Jennie. So much so that I had to drag him out of the building. The folks there cared for him right up to the end of his amazing life! Chewy had many friends there. He looked forward to boarding there because he was treated like a king! Sadly, in 2005 as I began a new adventure in my life my CHEWY departed. I was crushed. I called Jennie and let her know that my upcoming appointment needed to be cancelled because my CHEWY had passed. The staff sent us a sympathy card and I personally heard from several of the members that expressed their condolences.

In 2006, my sister entrusted us with her two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Joey and a German Pointer named Jake. Joey, an adult thriving dog, had suddenly become ill. My sister suffered a job loss. Subsequently, she was unable financially feed Joey let alone pay for his medical care. We certainly were not in a financial position to handle a vet bill. Therefore, the estimated $4500.00 bill seemed like impossibility.

After calling the emergency number, we spoke with Dr. Smith. That night Dr. Smith disclosed he would see Joey however; he was travelling back from Oregon and was several hours away. He kept in constant contact during the long and exhaustive drive down I5. As he arrived at Hwy 20 and the Hwy 53 cut-off, despite his level of exhaustion, Dr. Smith said to head in to the Hospital in order evaluate Joey.

Upon arrival it was quickly determined that Joey was suffering a major infection that left untreated would cause his demise. He explained he would need to remain in the hospital and the first couple of days were critical. After explaining the financial situation of our family and Joey's owner, Dr. Smith worked diligently to find a way to make this be a workable situation for all involved. Given our long history and combined with the integrity of this facility, Dr. Smith at now what was 4 am with a very small upfront payment, began to save the life of this phenomenal canine.

Dr. Smith having a deep passion for animals, caring more about the "patient" instead of the "chart number" or profitability, outlined a way possible for Joey to survive this and receive much needed care. Within two short days, some amazing generosity of friends, family, and the public at large, Dr. Smith brought Joey back to perfect health! He is spending his "golden years" alive & infection free.
Not only is Middletown Hospital the best of the best, Dr. Smith is as well. I believe a business is only as strong as its weakest link. That said if Dr. Smith is the weakest link then Middletown Animal hospital will be around for many, many years to come. I tip my hat and will never forget what Dr. Smith did that day.

Dr. Smith, Jennie and the other unsung heroes of Middletown Hospital are not only a huge asset to the Veterinary world but to "our" community. Any individual is lucky to have them by their side. Any animal, any breed, is better having folks like these to care for them. Honored that Dr. Smith sees our newest little friend Abby, I am confident that if able Abby and other pets would flood Yelp with positive reviews like this.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for loving and caring for all who enter through the door. Thank you for placing Jennie at the door to be the first stop of the most heartfelt, compassionate care Lake County has!" Miss Abby is coming to see you all soon. She about wags out of her skin when she realizes she is going to see Dr. Smith, Jennie, and the rest of the gang at Middletown Animal Hospital! Keep moving forward, DO NOT CHANGE A THING.

James T.
Lucerne, CA

To the Staff & Doctors of Middletown Animal Hospital,

We would like to thank you for all the years of care you gave our beautiful "Suzy" the rabbit. With your help Suzy defied sickness so many times over the years that we thought nothing could stop her. We appreciate all the wonderful time we had with her. A special thanks to Dr. Holtz because Suzy really liked her. She was funny about people so Dr. Holtz made the "Suzy A List". Suzy was the sweetest, smartest and funniest rabbit. Her daddy is especially devastated with her passing. They were pals and she followed him around the house. She sat at his feet wherever he was and layed dow with him in front of the TV giving him kisses. Suzy had him wrapped around her bunny finger. Thank you again for taking care of our little girl over the years.

Carolyn Carroll & Lee Company
Clearlake, CA

Our five-year-old cat Kaylee has vomited about once a day for the past month.  Dr. Smith quickly diagnosed the problem and Kaylee hasn't vomited for the last two weeks.

In addition, Dr. Smith and staff have cared for 11 of our animals over the past 16 years.  They are a knowledgeable, courteous and highly professional group and we are fortunate to have them in this rural area.  We have had animals with cancer, kidney failure, eye damage, and everything else imaginable and Dr. Smith and staff have always had the knowledge to handle it.

We are extremely thankful for the work Middletown Animal Hospital's staff has done over the years.

Don Krieg
Lower Lake, CA
Dear MAH Staff,

I can't express enough how much I appreciate the care & understanding that my pets & I get from the staff. When I was there last I was talking to another person there and they said the same thing but she had been coming here for over 15 years and had always received great care so that reinforced the feelings I already had about Middletown Animal Hospital. I'm grateful that my pets have great care in a small community!!

Dana Peter
Hidden Valley Lake, CA 

Our dogs have been coming here for 14 years. Both doctors and staff treat our dogs with so much care you think they were family. They also take the time to explain things ,and listen to what you have to say.

Kathy W.
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Was driving through California recently when my 8 year old yellow lab developed a huge lump on her belly.  After what seemed like a solid day of her licking around the lump while curled up in the backseat, most of the hair was gone, and all that was left was an ugly, swolen, reddish nodule.  Thank God for the fine vets and staff at Middletown Animal Hospital.  They pulled a little wedge of what looked like a grass seed out of there (a "foxtail," they said), along with what seemed like a metric ton of puss.  Fast, courteous, professional, and clearly knowledgeable.  These guys were jonny-on-the-spot, their facilities were clean and well-kept, and their prices were very reasonable (cheaper in fact than my vet's prices in my home state). 

Thanks very much Dr. Smith and Middletown Animal Hospital!!!!

Cameron S.
Billings, MT

Dr. Holtz is one of the best, most caring veternarians I have ever used.  She is young enough to be, and stay, on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, and truly cares for your animals.  What more could you ask! She has cared for all of my cats (and neighbors' dogs) ever since she joined Middletown Animal Hospital. My elderly diabetic cat, Max, was under her care for the last six years of his life--the fact that he lived to sixteen years with so many illnesses was due in great part to her care and expertise. She is kind, loving, smart, and excellent at everything she does from surgeries to general care. I really cannot say enough about her--I would trust any animal to her care, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER WITHOUT RESERVATION.

Gail B.
Cobb, CA  


This place is awesome--I have been to vet clinics all over Sonoma County and the Bay Area, and this one is right up there with the very best.  The hospital is new and well designed--cats have their own entrance, boarding and exam areas so they don't get freaked out by the dogs. Dr. Holtz is quite likely the best vet and best person around. She has been taking awesome care of my animals for several years. She is the most compassionate, warm and understanding person on the face of God's green earth. Dr. Holtz even came in on her day off to put my 16 year old dog to sleep. The care and support are always there with these vets. They are just extraordinary.

As far as the clinic itself goes, the prices are VERY reasonable. Office visits, vaccinations, and procedures are all lower or the same as anywhere else I've ever been. For bigger things like major operations, it's the same. I was once quoted $2100 for a cancer surgery for one of my Labradors. Dr. Holtz performed the procedure for around $1100. This same dog had a couple additional surgeries over her remaining years and the cost was just as reasonable. The place is always immaculate and I love the decorations and photos posted all over the place.  Jenny and Jennifer in the front of clinic are ALWAYS smiling and easy to work with--and they have been working there just about forever.  My pets are family to me, and when it comes to choosing a veterinarian, I look for the best and the nicest--and these guys are it.


The staff at Middletown Animal Hospital are great to work with.  They care about your animals and help you in any way they can to provide the best care for your animals.  The boarding is awsome.  I am very satified with the service they provide.

Michelle M.
Hidden Valley Lake, CA  


I have taken my pets to Middletown animal hospital since 2004. Boarding, surgery, check-ups, buying supplies, and yes, putting my very sick cat to sleep. My pets and I have always been treated with respect and care.

Lorena N.
Hidden Valley Lake, CA  


As the owner of a purebred Jack Russell terrier, a tabby cat, and 16 chickens,  finding the "perfect" veterinary care is foremost on my list.   I love the staff, in fact, they are as close to family as it gets.  The doctors are patient, thorough and very caring about any problem that comes up.   I receive reminders when shots, tests or checkups are due.  The extra "plus" is the care that is given when I need to board my pets.  The facilities are so clean and have been recently remodeled.   It is a wonderful "home away from home" and I never worry............

This is one of the very best animal hospitals in our area.   We are so fortunate to have them in Middletown!

Tana N.
Middletown, CA  


I will try to put into words how much gratitude and awe I have for Middletown Animal Hospital.  My gratitude also extends to the rescuers from Petaluma Animal Services and everyone else involved with the pet rescue efforts in Middletown during the Valley Fire.  My dog Lulu, who was visiting with my mom from Portland, Oregon, escaped from a neighbor during the initial evacuation.  For days we had no idea if she had survived or where she was.  The rescue team went into Whispering Pines and was able to locate her and bring her to Middletown Animal Hospital.  Not only was she cared for, but they posted photos of all the animals that had been rescued so people could find their pets.  Specifically, I would like to thank Jennifer Muelrath who is a receptionist at the Middletown Animal Hospital.  She went absolutely above and beyond to reunite Lulu with her family.  She went out of her way and kept in constant communication with me until Lulu was in my arms.  She ensured Lulu was cleared to be released and was able to meet me in Lower Lake since no one was being allowed into Middletown.  Her response was "That is what we do because animals are members of families, too!"  Her generosity of the collar and leash and poop bags was the icing on the cake of absolute love and care.  My mom also wanted me to say, "Middletown Animal Hospital made a difference for my piece of mind and sanity that they were so helpful after I was running against wall after wall after wall trying to rescue our pup.  They took such good care of my grand-dogter"   If you want a phenomenal, loving place to bring your pets for care, Middletown  Animal Hospital is the best choice.  #valleyfire



They take great care of my furry kids, Tucker, Kiddo,( and new addition ) Jackson
I get reminders about who needs what, to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Jill L.



I moved here about a year ago and was not sure where to take my dog. People in town said such great things about this vet that I decided to check it out.  I love this place. They are very kind, great with my little dog and so attentive. I have been here five or six times for various reasons and have always had a positive experience. I will continue to bring my dog in here. Great people.

Denise O.

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