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Interesting Cases

bunnybefore.jpg bunnyafterjpg.jpg

 BEFORE                                             AFTER

The long, overgrown incisors of this rabbit are inhibiting it from eating properly, decreasing its nutritional intake.  It can also cause malformation of the jaw and discomfort.  After trimming the teeth with our motorized burr the bite is better.  Regular trimmings are required if the animal is not wearing them down on their own since the incisors continually grow. 

nosebefore.JPG noseafter.JPG

 BEFORE                                             AFTER

Stenotic Nares is when the nostrils are constricted and decreases the amount of airflow and oxygen that gets into the animal.  After using laser surgery to open up the nostrils there is more airflow allowing easier breathing.  

teethbefore.JPG teethafter.JPG

BEFORE                                              AFTER

Dental infection causes many issues for pets.  A complete physical and oral examination is performed and we stage the dental disease on a scale of 1-4.  The stage helps us determine the treatment plan and cost.  Each patient has comprehensive bloodworm performed prior to being anesthetized for their dental cleaning. During the procedure, intravenous fluids and extensive monitoring are performed to ensure the safety of the patient while under general anesthesia.  All teeth are thoroughly probed to assess for pockets surrounding teeth and periodontal disease.  Pocket depths are recorded in each patient's dental chart.  Digital dental radiographs are taken to asses for disease below the gum line (70% of the tooth!).  A large amount of dental disease is not visualized by the naked eye.  Ultrasonic scaling is performed to remove all calculus above and blow the gum line.  Any severely diseased or compromised teeth are extracted.  Extraction sites are covered and closed with gingival flaps and absorbable sutures.  Polish is applied to all teeth and any rough surfaces are smoothed.  Fluoride is applied to all teeth followed by a sealant to help protect the teeth from tartar accumulation.  The finished result is clean and healthy teeth!

Beforephoto.JPG P1010130.JPG

BEFORE ................................................AFTER

Strangulation of the leg (in a wire fence) caused a circumferential laceration, necrotic tissue, non weight bearing of the leg, and edema.  The prognosis was guarded but after regular bandage changes, laser therapy, de-briding of dead tissue, and medications for infection, pain, and inflammation the patient was almost back to normal.  It took 2 months and a lot of hard work and patience.  The laser therapy really made a difference!


Here are 2 examples of patients who were bit by a rattlesnake. Luckily they were brought to the hospital for treatment right away. Every snake bite is different and we never know how much venom is deposited with a bite. The skin becomes necrotic and if left untreated, we have seen animals die a month after a bite.  Middletown Animal Hospital carries Rattlesnake Vaccine that, when properly boostered, allows you to buy more time to get treatment and potential lessons the reaction. It is best to booster this vaccine right before "rattlesnake season" in the Spring.



This mass on the face should have been removed sooner for optimum outcome and cosmetic appearance.  However better late than never.  We would have also liked to have biopsied the mass however due to constraints the removal was the owner's main concern. 



On 11/15/16 Brooklynn had corrective ostoectomy surgery due to a premature ulnar plate closure.  At some point while she was a puppy she had a trauma to her leg that caused one of the 3 growth plates in her lower leg to close while the other 2 were still growing.  This caused her leg to be deformed and cause her pain making her limp.  Fortunately, at age 13 months she was able to have corrective orthopedic surgery by Dr. Fetherston and is currently undergoing 8 weeks of laser therapy and daily bandage/splint changes.  She is also doing range of motion exercises and walking in the underwater treadmill.

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